Life Is A Marathon

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  • Wednesday, January 2, 2019
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    When I first started running it was for selfish reasons, like being healthy, fit and mental / physical wellness. I quickly became bored with running for those reasons.  

    I said to myself . . . "SELF, you need to find a BIGGER WHY for running that serves to empower people in your community". 

    Now I get a pure, unadulterated, adrenaline rush when my marathon running [and other lesser runs in between] inspires people to achieve their own personal goals, with a secondary benefit of being healthy, fit and mental / physical wellness. Did I mention I also Run to RAISE FUNDS For CAUSES and businesses who would like to advertise on a T-shirt I wear when running. Since I'm a slow runner, people tend to see the words on my T-shirt for a longer period of time. 

    Through my technology and personal brand consulting company, Savvy Intrapreneur, my coaching empowers people to achieve EXTRAordinary results with their personal or business goals. The best time to start a business is RIGHT NOW!! Click here to email me or call 201-222-5390.