Doing Community Good Adds Value

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  • Friday, November 2, 2012
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  • Carl E. Reid, Noam Bramson, Mayor of New Rochelle, NY
    Phyllis Shelton
    , Expo Producer & CEO iPower Global Solutions
    Held in New Rochelle, NY, I had the honor of speaking at the 21st Century Career & Community Expo 2012 hosted by Empowering Today's Professionals and produced by iPower Global Solutions.  Before I forget, a little birdie told me registration is now open for the 21st Century Career & Community Expo 2013.

    The part I really enjoyed was being on the Committee of Concerned Citizens, which spearheaded the planning and organization of this FREE high energy community expo. A rare synergy was created by merging career professionals, small / big businesses, community leaders, faith based, educational and non-profit organizations for a common cause; serving our community for the improvement of its citizens. Read the press release.

    Although not planned, I somehow became the master of ceremonies (MC) for the 21st Century Career & Community Expo, helping to guide attendees throughout the event.  More importantly, seeing the "ah hah" looks on the attendees faces, as they participated in the information packed workshops with awesome speakers like Rod Colon and Rev. Lamont S. Granby, interactions with exhibitors and the networking fury made the 7 months of non-stop work all worthwhile.  I look forward to doing it again next year.

    Certainly, I enjoyed sharing valuable information at my workshop, which was standing room only; High Tech High Touch Series: Social Media Basics to Attract New Business or Find a Job