Happy Birthday to Me and United States Marine Corps

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  • Thursday, November 10, 2011
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    Older than the country of the United States, the birth date of the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is November 10th, 1775. It was established at Tunn Tavern located in Philadelphia, PA.  There is a video below to preview what Marine Corps traditions happen tonight at the celebration ball.

    After our biological birthday, each year every Marine around the world is empowered to celebrate 11-10-1775 as their second birthday. So tonight we pull out our dress blues uniform to attend the local Marine Corps ball. The oldest and youngest Marine cut the cake at the ball. For more Marine Corps history visit United States Marines Virtual Birthplace Memorial

    A couple of associations I belong to are the Marine Corps League Westchester detachment #254  and Together We Served. The Marine Corps League Westchester is currently on high alert with all hands on deck to assist the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. So now you know it's been Marines that have made Santa Claus look good all these years by helping him distribute toys around the world in one night on Christmas eve.

    Siempre Fi and Happy Birthday
    to all my Marine Corps brothers and sisters.

    Our Marine Corps birthday would not be complete
    with a review of the Marine Corps Silent Drill Team

    Carl E. Reid, CSI - USMC 79/80
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    Phyllis Shelton said...

    A few days late, but certainly NOT a dollar short.

    Courtesy Col Bob Beavis

    Every year, Bob Parsons, founder and CEO of the web hosting company (and former LCpl, USMC) puts together a birthday tribute. If you can spare 3 minutes and 38 seconds, it's worth watching:

    View AWESOME Marine Corps Birthday Tribute