I Will Be a Guest on Your Career is Calling Radio Show Sun 2/20 8AM EST

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  • Wednesday, February 16, 2011
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  • Hosted by Rod Colon and Frank Kovacs on, we'll discuss why now is the best time to develop part time supplemental income. This is crucial to career management survival, as part of a career back up plan. It makes all the difference between making a living and LIVING LIFE. If a person is willing to put in overtime building someone else's business, why not siphon 1-2 hours a day developing your own secondary income . . . just in case? 

    In 1985 Gifford Pinchot coined the word "Intrapreneur" in his ground breaking book Intrapreneuring

    An Intrapreneur is a career professional with an entrepreneurial spirit, seeking out opportunities for their employer's company. IBM was one of the first companies to prove intrapreneurship works successfully as a viable and profitable business model. IBM empowered each employee to be an intrapreneur, when it created a separate company to sell personal computers back in the 80s.  Since then, many other companies have adopted Intraprenuer programs for employees.

    Improving on this "proof of concept" actually working in the real world, Savvy Intrapreneurs stay open to opportunities that benefit their company and themselves. Both entities profit when Savvy Intrapreneurs run their careers like a business.

    These days, 2 years at a job is a lifetime. Being a Savvy Intrapreneur positions a person for:
    • Giving yourself a raise, when a company won't.
    • Eliminating the #1 fear at work.
    • Being able to provide those little extras to your personal board of directors, beyond a primary source of income being used for maintaining basic household operations. 
    • Having a career management insurance plan, which makes unemployment insurance look like child's play.


    Thomas E. Kenny said...


    I'm looking forward to your words of wisdom on Sunday's program! Thank you for all that I've learned from you and for what I've yet to learn from you!

    Of course, kudos to Frank and Rod for providing a weekly program to help all of us manage the CEO of Me, Inc!

    Tom Kenny
    Founder of ETP's Jersey Shore Networking Group