Selling is a By Product of Developing Relationships, Not a Goal

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  • Sunday, October 24, 2010
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  • Networking strategist, Mindy Selinger, has a down home way of succinctly distilling the true essence of developing win-win-win human relationships.   Whether you are a networking newbie or power networker Mindy's book, Face to Face Networking Skills In a Social Media World, provides one of the best primers on networking.  In today's economy, networking as a survival tool and front page news are interwoven into daily conversations.  The shyest of professionals in a job search, employees and entrepreneurs can put their business into high gear, by reading this networking course contained in 90 pages.

    Right up front, Mindy provides a cautionary tale that hits the reader in the gut.  Selling has nothing to do with networking.  Power networking authors like Rick Frishman (Networking Magic) and Keith Ferrazzi (Never Eat Alone) certainly give solid definitions on what networking is about.  Ms. Selinger deftly reintroduces John Naisbett's (Megatrends) definition that networking is "the exchange of ideas, information and resources".  No where in that statement does "selling" appear.  This means "selling" has no place in initial networking conversations.

    The grand finale of reading this book is Mindy inviting readers to continue their networking training with lunch and learn continuing education, which she provides to groups.  Just like success, developing good relationship networking skills is an ongoing journey, which Mindy Selinger teaches so well.   She also provides venues to practice networking techniques around the United States with, which Mindy founded.