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  • Recommendations For Carl E. Reid

    “Carl is a professional to the "n-th" degree. He help me in my success as the ETP Lamplighter Editor-in-Chief by providing superbly written articles and welcome messages, and continues to help as an expert in the business development field with my company Burke and Chase Career Management Services. His savvy in the business development space and his use of social media is like no other. I highly recommend his services to any business!” Scott Chase, Lamplighter Newsletter Editor-in-Chief, ETP Network

    “Carl is a person who sees the big picture in terms of what business trends are about to become hot items. He also keeps his cool under pressure, and as a result that helps with his ability to build consensus among others.”  Peter Vasseur, Senior Programmer Analyst, TRC --- an AIG Company

    “I have known Carl for over 6 years. He is an impressive coach with a gift of teaching professionals how to look at themselves as a business. Carl is a good friend and business associate who is always looking to help and support other professionals - "Fabulous Connector"” Rod Colon

    “Carl is interested in your success and that is invaluable! Each time I've contacted Carl to resolve technical problems he's committed his time, energy and expertise to deliver solutions. His technical skills are extensive and he thinks out of the box when needed. His ability to translate his knowledge to useful, applied results is consistent.  Not only has Carl resolved my technical problems, his positive attitude and commitment to my success has left me more competent and ready to face the next challenge. Without reservation I recommend Carl as an IT Professionall and Business Coach.”  Top qualities: Great Results, Expert Janice Lee Juvrud

    Hired Carl as a Business Consultant in 2008, and hired Carl more than once. “Carl is an excellent Career Coach; Speaker; and is detailed oriented when it comes to getting you on track. He has a way of bringing out your true potential. He is a hard working man that believes when you set out to succeed you only have to work smart not hard.” Amanda Sherman, Owner, AtUrBest Wedding And Event Planners

    “Carl and I have served together in various interest groups. Much to my good fortune, I have witnessed Carl's expert career coaching tutelage over the years that I have known him. It is this priceless gift that enables all who work with him gain long term knowledge. Carl's positive attitude is an inspiration to anyone who meets him. I highly recommend Carl for any endeavor he wishes to take on.” Denise Quintard QA ENGINEER, Virgin Mobile USA

    “Carl was the turning point in our organizations ability to move to the next level in our IT operations. His expert knowledge of our new help desk ticketing system along with his exceptional abilities to influence, persuade, and project manage was the unequaled combination of skills we needed to get through the implementation of the system.” Top qualities: Expert, Good Value Esteban Quinones,

    “As the former Executive Director of Canarsie Aware, Inc., I had the pleasure of working with Carl for over 6 years where he provided my IT expertise. Because he always acted professionally and ethically and always provided quality services at a fair price, I have utilized his services at other settings and will continue to do so. I wish all businessmen thought and acted like Carl.” Frank Mannarino

    “E-learning is a wonderful thing but it's made leaps and bounds better when the instructor uses the "stacked approach" -- which I define as obvious enthusiasm sitting comfortably on a bedrock of unrivaled expertise. I had the pleasure of experiencing this kind of training when I retained the services of Carl Reid (SavvyIntrapreneur) to teach me "everything he knew" about blogs and blogging. Let me cut to the chase: I now have a terrific blog but more importantly, I now have a terrific blog which I understand how to use effectively. Mind if I try saving you some time? When it comes to the online world and social media, if you need specialized training or coaching, call Carl Reid first. I guarantee you won't need to make a second phone call.” Chip Hartman, Managing Member,, LLC

    “I have had the pleasure to work with Carl on Projects for the ETPNetwork and Burke & Chase Career Management Resources. Through Carl's mentoring and keen business savvy I was able to take an idea and create a successful business of my own. Carl is one of those rare and fortunate people who possess a natural magnetism and a generous spirit something the business world needs more of and I'm grateful to have him in my corner. Carl is a great motivator and mentor, his keen business savvy enabled me to create the Career Helpdesk. Carl's belief in me and the CareerHelpdesk was empowering. I highly recommend Carl Reid, he is honest, forthright, direct, and professional.”  Cathy Burke Matiatos, CEO, Burke & Chase Career Management Resources

    “Carl is one of the most generous and considerate people I have ever met. Hard working and always professional, Carl is that unique person who combines knowledge, communication skills and social know-how to produce amazing results. I heartily recommend him - without reservation - to anyone fortunate enough to require his services.”   Bruce Newman, Vice President, The Productivity Institute, LLC

    “Starting a business is difficult. It has been comforting and stabilizing to be able to talk to someone who is interested in my success and who has a wider view than I do. Carl has helped me through several situations where I was a little paralyzed with what I should do. He has been invaluable to me in these situations. It is very encouraging to know that Carl is interested in my success and that he wants to be a part of it and to help me grow to a mature company. I would absolutely recommend Carl to anyone who needs help developing their business, from startup to a mature business looking for new markets or new ways of doing things. Carl brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table and I have felt the benefit of that experience. His key strength is the ability to originate and implement change. Carl's philosophy is "Each of our clients must become successful if we are to be successful".”Top qualities: Great Results, Expert Phyllis Shelton, CEO and Founder of iPower Global Solutions

    “What can be said about Carl Reid that hasnt been said already. Detalied oriented, tech entrepreneur. who alwayd goes the extra mile. A tremendous asset to LISTA and has helped me grow LISTA to where we are today.”  Jose Marquez, President/CEO, LISTA
    “Carl is an amazing human being in his capacity to network and expand on creative ideas, projects, business overall. He is man of extreme integrity and a man of his word! He enhances any project he focuses on.”
    John Monte, Founder/Owner, Monte Consulting

    “Carl has shown by example how to have a successful business. His advice has been priceless. His generosity goes without saying. He is one of a kind.” Rosita Arce Ramos, Owner, Me, Inc. aka RC Corporation

    “I worked with Carl on a board of directors. He was the President of the board. He provided strong leadership and allowed creative ideas to flow. He is very consistent and reliable. I know him for being a man of his word. I would be on his team again.  Ted Santos, CEO, Turnaround Investment Partners, Inc.

    “Carl has proven to be a true business partner who seeks the best results for all parties. Carl's positive, upbeat attitude coupled with his deep personal and subject matter skills leave both me and our customers with a feeling that we are working with a true professional.”  Rick Gyan, General Manager, Solutions By Design

    “I recommend Carl because of his professional conduct and his technical expertise. He has expert level knowledge of LAN hardware and enterprise software, which I observed while he was a senior server support technician at JP Morgan. His expertise included troubleshooting, upgrading and building new network application servers.  He is a great guy to have on your team.”
    Gail Pilgrim, Associate, JPMorgan

    “Carl is an inventive, out-of-the-box thinker and offers ideas and ways to implement them. Carl has also given me advice about different ideas that will expand my business that I operate while working a full time job. Carl has owned and operated his own business for a number of years and is always willing to help others with their businesses as well. I highly recommend C.E. Reid!” Top qualities: Personable, Expert   Ciprianna Shockley,

    “Carl is the consummate professional who goes above and beyond the call of duty. He is a wonderful person and I endorse him through and through.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable  Nazo Haroutunian,

    “Carl Reid, as the Savvy Intrapreneur and a friend, has always challenged me to achieve higher levels of excellence with my organization. His commitment to HPNG, LISTA and numerous other Hispanic and minority organizations, has made him a highly regarded member of our Community. I personally rely on Carl as a resource of business and technical skills and along with boundless encouragement, he always more than delivers.”  Ali Curi, Producer, Business workshops and events focused on the Hispanic market, Hispanic Professionals Networking Group (HPNG)

    “Carl has provided me with expert, superior service on several occasions. From our first interaction in the mid 90s through his continued support today, Carl has delivered on-time, creative, cost effective IT solutions with great integrity and genuine consideration. If you're like me and demand Total Quality Management, I highly recommend Carl Reid for all your IT support.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert

    “I have had the opprotunity to work will Carl over several years & he is a detailed & movitvated individual in the workforce. Carl is a very postive roll model for helping others define & develop their skills abroad. Carl would be a exceptional asset to any organization.”  Edith Naughton, Associate, J.P. MORGAN CHASE & CO.

    “In way I owe everything I know to the knowledge and unselfishness of Carl Reid. Carl is person willing to always help other, always give a good advice and push you on the right direction. I have known Carl since 1996 and ever since I gained a great deal of respect for Carl both for work ethics and technical skills. From expert knowledge of Lotus Notes to starting his own it consulting firm Carl is always looking to do thing better. A great friend and great motivator,.”  Carlos Hernandez, Groupware Engineer, JPMorgan Chase
    “Carl was a consummate professional, diligent, focused and driven to continuous improvement. He was always thinking out of the box and surpassed service levels on all his assignments. It was a pleasure to work with Carl.”  Joseph Vinci, Manager, BANI vendor for JP Morgan Chase

    “Perhaps it says something that I'm writing my recommendation way back on one of Carl's earliest jobs, but that in itself says something about Carl....he is a very special person. When I met him 20 years ago, I knew that he was not your everyday working colleague. His unique leadership and personal interaction skills were evident - even early in his career. Over the years he has blossomed as a dynamic professional who continues to put the needs of others before his own. Carl is real - he is honest - he is caring. He is a wise businessman - and a true friend to everyone he meets. Carl realizes that each one of us has the potential of making a difference and he has dedicated his life to helping others reach their goals and dreams. I thank God for putting Carl in my life.”  Peggy Budnik, Senior Management Consultant, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation