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Proven track record for assisting companies and individuals achieve successful results. This is accomplished by leveraging the synergy of Intrapreneur Savvy, Human Capital and Technology Strategies

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Deep Expertise at Intersections of Leadership, Financial Asset Development and Technology.

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Community Service

Vice President of PROSPANICA Membership

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Technology Expert and Social Media Strategist

Carl focuses on "THE HUMAN SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY" for convenience, productivity, safety, profitability and fun.

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Power Networker

From the Edenwald Projects in the the Bronx, his network allowed him to attend White House holiday party. Carl E. Reid can teach you how to leverage your network.

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Published Author

Carl's books teach people how a to become Rainmakers and develop Influence as a Power Networkers.

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Carl's workshops provide solutions, results and tangible benefits to bottom line. VIEW VIDEO of Carl in action.

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Service to Country

With prior service in the United States Marine Corps, Carl E. Reid helps fellow military brothers and sisters get job offers.

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Successful Entrepreneur

Since 1993, Carl shares successful entrepreneur experience by coaching professionals to be business owners of their career or start a business.

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Marathon Runner

Carl inspires people to achieve their goals and he raises funds for community causes by running marathons.

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"Foreword" Author

In 2 books Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs by Rod Colon, Start Your Dream Business Today by Biba Pedron

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Life Is A Marathon

  • Wednesday, January 2, 2019
  • by
  • Carl E. Reid
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    When I first started running it was for selfish reasons, like being healthy, fit and mental / physical wellness. I quickly became bored with running for those reasons.  

    I said to myself . . . "SELF, you need to find a BIGGER WHY for running that serves to empower people in your community". 

    Now I get a pure, unadulterated, adrenaline rush when my marathon running [and other lesser runs in between] inspires people to achieve their own personal goals, with a secondary benefit of being healthy, fit and mental / physical wellness. Did I mention I also Run to RAISE FUNDS For CAUSES and businesses who would like to advertise on a T-shirt I wear when running. Since I'm a slow runner, people tend to see the words on my T-shirt for a longer period of time. 

    Through my technology and personal brand consulting company, Savvy Intrapreneur, my coaching empowers people to achieve EXTRAordinary results with their personal or business goals. The best time to start a business is RIGHT NOW!! Click here to email me or call 201-222-5390.

    Do You Have Rainmaker Complex Syndrome

  • by
  • Carl E. Reid
  • This is an affliction I have had since childhood.  I'm not sure if it is hereditary, although my father never knew a stranger he would not help. I don't know of a doctor that has been able to suggest a cure, not that I have actually sought out medical advice. 

    People who have encountered a person with rainmaker complex syndrome will most surely have a lasting experience, which is not easily forgotten.  Receivers of these rare encounters with  rainmaker complex syndrome persons, usually pass on their positive experience to others that cross their paths.

    Do you have this ailment?  The symptoms for rainmaker complex syndrome are quite obvious:
    1. Uncontrollable urge to help others succeed.
    2. Hot flashes of people succeeding, whom you have helped. Understand the true life time benefits of Zig Ziglar's powerful statement, "if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want.
    3. Intermittent bursts of collaborative conversation. Selflessly network as an engagement where you ask "how can I help you?" with no thought of reciprocal consideration.
    4. Insatiable appetite to constantly make connections.  This may include putting your credibility on the line to personally connect a person who needs something with another person who has something.
    5. Aching motivation for self improvement. Constantly improve interpersonal skills, like reading How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie or Skill with People by Les Giblin.
    6. Taking a feverish interest in community, but understand local actions do impact the global community at large.
    7. Be the person that friends, associates, coworkers, managers and executives go to for solving problems and making things happen.
    8. Compulsively being proactive about taking action and initiative to insure team success.
    9. Constant ear aches from listening, as a way to open opportunities that benefit individuals and companies around you.
    10. High energy from recognizing your network as the most valuable human capital, which can be leveraged as a commodity to do good for people.
    11. Severe spasms in being a person of influence at the center of your network.
    12. Euphoric sensation results from striving to be a person who leads by example, while following the principles outlined in The Servant Leader: How to Build a Creative Team, Develop Great Morale, and Improve Bottom-Line Performance by James A. Autry.
    13. Keen vision in truly understanding readers are leaders, by using dead time to read 10 minutes a day.
    14. Emanating warm charisma by projecting people into the success stratosphere, through generous doses of edification.
    If you experience these symptoms or meet anyone with the ailment of rainmaker complex syndrome, I guarantee success is surely an outcome in the immediate future for both of you.


    How to Gain Strength from Your Network in Challenging Times (video)

  • Thursday, June 21, 2018
  • by
  • Carl E. Reid
  • I had the awesome opportunity of speaking at a fund raiser for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The theme was An Evening With Master Networkers.  If you're going through some challenging times, need a job, or new clients, in this video I share 3 lessons I learned on how to adapt, improvise and overcome.

    Rod Colon was master of ceremonies, with Aaron and Laura Cohen as hosts.  I was humbled by the group of talented speakers telling their inspiring personal stories about their networking experiences creating success. View all speaker presentations.

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